This account is offered at no charge, however if affordable, a donation of $10.00 or more is appreciated.  This donation is used to support the work Naples Free Net provides to its members.

The Naples Free-Net Standard E-mail account includes:

  • e-mail address
  • Ability to forward e-mails to another location
  • Ability to renew or upgrade service level
  • Ability to change your NFN login password
  • Ability to check account expiration date or see your account’s web or e-mail space utilization on the NFN server
  • Web space URL of the form  and FTP


The Members Services page details these services and has the appropriate connection links.

The Naples Free-Net’s standard E-Mail account is free, a donation of any amount will enable us to continue providing this valuable community service. The Naples Free-Net is staffed completely by volunteers.

To open or renew a standard account please click here..