This account, a result of the services provided, requires a donation of $68 per year.

The Naples Free-Net Premium E-mail account includes the following services:

  • e-mail address
  • Ability to renew your account on line
  • Manage your e-mail services
  • Five (5) extra  e-mail addresses
  • Web Mail ; the ability to send and receive your e-mails from any internet connection
  • Ability to forward your e-mails to another location
  • Spam Filter with adjustable levels
  • Ability to change your NFN login password on line
  • Ability to check your account expiration date or see your account’s web or e-mail space utilization on the NFN server.
  • Web space and URL of the form   and FTP

The Members Services page details these services and has the appropriate connection links.

You now can renew your account on line utilizing the automated and secure PayPal process; to do so click here.