Some of the NFN services listed below are Premium services and require a Premium membership to utilize them. Click on the “Members Account Services” link to check your account or to upgrade your Standard account to a Premium account. The differences in account services can be found by clicking on this link.
Should you have questions please call our Customer Service at 239 417-1400.

Member Account Services  (All Members)
Edit your personal account information by clicking on this link. You can also access the NFN Online Payment Portal to renew/upgrade you NFN Account, renew a domain name, or make a donation.  To update a standard account a minimum $10.00 donation is required.  If you don’t want to donate that amount please call the Help Desk at 239-417-1400.  Payments may also be made by check.  Make your check out to Naples Free Net, for Premium accounts the amount is $68.00.  For Standard accounts checks are also accepted, minimum donation amount is $10.00.  Put your NFN user id on the memo line.  Sign your check and mail to Naples Free Net 5035 Tamiami Trail E. Naples, Fl. 34113.

Manage your NFN Email Services  (All Members)
Manage all your your NFN Email services including Spam Filter, Forwarding, Multiple Email accounts and NFN Announcements.

Web Mail  (Premium Service)
Pick up your email from any internet connection in the world. Read it, answer it, delete it or create a new message. A great convenience.  A detailed tutorial on how to use the NFN Webmail program can be accessed here.

Spam Filter Activation / Setup (Premium Service)
Eliminate 98% of the unwanted mail you receive. Just think, no more junk mail.

Email Forwarding Activation / Setup  (All Members)
Have your email forwarded to another location or locations while you are away just by typing in the email address. An easy task for all.   In order to not forward significant spam, you should also set your spamfilter to filter all forwarded mail per instructions noted on the link.

Multiple Email Addresses Setup  (Premium Services)
Setup and manage up to five (5) extra email addresses.

Account Expiration Date and Web / Email Space Usage Check  (All Members)
Check actual expiration date of your NFN account or see your account’s web or email space utilization on the NFN server.

Change your NFN login Password  (All Members)
A procedure for changing the login password for your NFN account. Your dial in access and Email access will be affected by these changes.