Contribution $0-67/year $68+/year

User Name

5 digit number assigned in sequence by NFN preceded by nfn (nfnxxxxx)  

Up to 10 characters, letters

or numbers chosen by applicant and

not being used by another member.

Length of Membership 6 months 12  months
Education Free or Reasonable Cost Free classes.

(Space available basis)

E-mail Storage 10mb 20mb
Account Usage 4 hour maximum per day Unlimited


Advanced Services


User Friendly



  • Accelerated Connection*
  • Extra E-mail Addresses (5)
  • Webmail
  • Spam Filter
  • User Friendly E-mail
  • Forwarding



More reasons than ever to take NFN’s Premium Account


  • An *Accelerated and Unlimited Dial-up connection.


  • Extra e-mail addresses (5)


  • A custom ID, one designed to fit your personality


  • An account that renews on a yearly basis


  • NFN’s Spam Filter and elimination of most of the e-mails you never wanted.


  • Web-mail privileges – Retrieve your e-mail while you’re anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the World Wide Web.


  • DSL connection is available at Wholesale cost. (Download Speed 1.5/Mbps, Upload Speed 384/kbps)


  • Free NFN Education classes.


  • Unlimited Dial-up.