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NFN / NFN Web Services POLICY


Policy Statement :

NFN will help you develop web site pages for your organization that has a valid 501c3 IRS certificate.
Those organizations requesting web page space may have been granted non-profit designation status by the State of Florida.
NFN may - at its sole discretion - provide assistance to organizations whose purpose is to enhance communication among various segments of the community.

NFN may also - at its sole discretion - provide assistance to develop web pages for organizations whose obvious purpose is to give funds, goods, services or factual information to those in need (i.e.: charitable organizations). 

NFN will not host web pages that contain advocacy material that in NFN's sole opinion is of a controversial nature. 
NFN - at its sole discretion - may reject material for development that it finds offensive, objectionable or not in the best interests of the NFN.


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