Gators Galore 2002 at the NFN
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These information is only for record keeping as the gators have been removed before the auction. More about that at the Entrance page.
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5th Avenue S. (Old Naples)Tour
20 Gators
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Seminole Elder Gator
Tourist Gator
Gator in Love
Dabba Doo
Fire Fighter Gator
Gator Glow-ioso
Glades Gator
Shopping Gator
Marshland Gator
SeeMore Gator
Transformer Gator
Rising Star Gator
Waltzing Gators
The Edugator
Chili Gator
Start at Naples Visitor Center - Northwest corner of US 41 and 5th Avenue S.

Tourist Gator - Naples Visitor Center
Seminole Elder Gator - Naples Visitor Center

Continue on the Northside of 5th Avenue S. heading West

Gator In Love - Shaw Gallery - 761 5th Avenue S.
Dabba Doo - Yabba Island Grill - 711 5th Avenue S. 

Continue heading West on 5th Avenue S. 

Fire Fighter Gator - Sugden Plaza - 5th Avenue S. 
Gator Glow-ioso - 601 5th Avenue (on the side of the building)
Navi-Gator - Northern Trust - 375 5th Avenue S. 
Glades Gator - Bacchus of Naples - 301 5th Avenue S.  
Galore Gator - 301 5th Avenue S.  (Not listed on the Gator map)

Cross to the Southside of the street and head East

Shopping Gator
- Arvida Realty - 550 5th Avenue South

Continue East on 5th Avenue S. to Park Street, Walk 1 block to The von Liebig Art Center - 585 Park Street

Degas-tor - von Liebig Art Center - (front)
Marshland Gator - von Liebig Art Center - (inside)
Fayum - von Liebig Art Center - (inside)
Transformer Gator - von Liebig Art Center (back of building)
SeeMore Gator - von Liebig Art Center (back of building)

Walk back the one block to 5th Avenue S. and turn right (East)

Rising Star Gator - Vergina - 700 5th Avenue South
Waltzing Gators - 800 5th Avenue S.  (Not listed on Gator Map)
Ever-Gator - Mangrove Cafe - 878 5th Avenue South

If you would like to add a little more to your walk you could include the Naples Trolley/General Store and the Tin City Gators. If the walk is a little more than you would like drive your car and park at Tin City or Boardwalk, from there you would only have a short walk to see the gators. 

The Edugator - Old Naples General Store - 1010 6th Avenue South
Chili Gator - Tin City

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