Gators Galore 2002 at the NFN
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These information is only for record keeping as the gators have been removed before the auction. More about that at the Entrance page.
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3rd Street (Old Naples) Tour
11 Gators
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Surfing Gator
Baroness von Lator
Gator Waiter
Britto Gator
Angel Gator
Tommy Gator
Sea-U-Later Gator
Dancing Along the E-Gator
Park along 3rd Street and walk.  You will have to walk both sides of the street to see the following Gators.

EASTSIDE of 3rd Street S. 
Surfing Gator - Marissa's - Broad & 3rd Street S. (Broad Street Side)
Baroness von Lator - Marissa's - 1167 3rd Street S (east side of street)
Gator Waiter - Campiello Restaurant - 1177 3rd Street South
Water-Line Gator - Corner of 3rd Street S. & 12 Avenue S.
Britto Gator - 3rd Street S. -  Concierge Gazebo
Celebgator - Gallery One - 1301 3rd Street S.
Sparky - HW Gallery - 1291 3rd Street S.

WESTSIDE of 3rd Street S.
Angel Gator - Gattles - 1250 3rd Street S.
Tommy Gator - Tommy Bahama's - 1220 3rd Street S.

Walk 2 blocks West from 3rd Street S. on either 13th Avenue or Broad St. and you will find Sea-U-Later Gator at the Naples Pier. 

Just a short drive to the East on 12th Avenue S. would include Dancing Along the E-Gator (The Round About at 12th Avenue S.and 8th Street S. at Crayton Cove.)

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